Professional Services

The PretaForm services division comprises a team of developers who are specialists in designing eForms and building secure databases for efficient data capture, integration and analysis. Following a cloud-first approach, our team will help you shift your business to a secure and cost-efficient cloud database. Our low-code platform supports rapid development custom online Form builder, workflow and database applications for your business.

Fully Supported and Managed Service

Our highly responsive and expert technical team provides:

  • Support with troubleshooting, problem-solving and software bugs
  • A help desk system where issues can be submitted by email or phone.
  • 24x7 after-hours support (as an upgrade option)
  • 24x7 monitoring for outages with rapid rectification
  • Support and upgrades of the PretaForm product.
PretaForm customer support
Cloud server PretaForm

The PretaForm cloud architecture undergoes regular analysis, tuning, maintenance and check-ups.

Our fully managed cloud hosting guarantee high availability & performance even with traffic spikes, provided by:

  • Network redundancy
  • Database and application redundancy
  • Load-balancing that protects from performance inhibiting crawlers & robots
  • Continuous web stack optimisation
  • Security patches installed within 24 hours.


PretaForm is a secure low-code platform designed to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses with minimal effort and coding. The cost-effective solution can be used to design customised eForms for businesses across industry sectors for workflow automation and data capture in addition to empowering them with high-visibility data management tools.


Create eForms for Data Capture

  • Use the visual editor to build responsive eForms for your business
  • Access the web theme editor to create customised eForms with bespoke CSS
  • Locate data instantly using custom search fields selected by the form designer.
PretaForm Secured database

Build Secure Databases

  • 100% compliant with EU, UK and Australian data protection regulations.
  • Pool data from multiple sources into easy-to-use databases.
  • Build customised dashboards for informed decision-making.
PretaForm Workflow system

Enable Workflow Automation

  • Boost efficiency and save time by eliminating manual processes.
  • Streamline your workflow with customised eForms.
  • Create re-usable macros to deploy across business processes with low code technology


PretaForm workflow automation

Visual Workflow Tool

A powerful workflow editor that can be used to visually map out steps in single or multiple eForms

PretaForm is Easy to move

Drag & Drop Interface

Build efficient databases and eForms rapidly with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that requires minimal coding

Virus secure

Virus Scans

An added layer of security in the form of virus scans for every document uploaded on PretaForm

GDPR compliance features


PretaForm is fully compliant with EU’s GDPR and offers best practice security for your data.

PretaForm analytics metric


Download data as csv files to analyse the performance of your eForms

PretaForm curriculum

Skip Logic

Include dynamic content in your eForms with the flexible ‘hidewhen’ skip logic element.

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