With PretaForm you can rest assured that sensitive data is stored to the compliance levels of the EU’s GDPR. Our online database is highly flexible, so you get a solution that is specific to your needs. You’re not shoe-horning your processes into an off-the-shelf product.

PretaForm Building UIGDPR Compliance
PretaForm meets legal requirements for data protection as a processor.

Web Accessibility Compliance
Meets accessibility standard WCAG L2 AA with compliant forms

Responsive Forms
eForms work on different devices such as phones & tablets.

Drag and Drop
Enable rapid application delivery with a minimum of hand-coding using an easy to use visual editor.

Build forms with multiple stages allowing different users to input data (ie a request followed by an approval).

Visual Workflow Tool
Steps in a single or multiple forms can be mapped out visually using the workflow editor.

Skip Logic
PretaForm comes with a flexible “hidewhen” skip logic element which allows the dynamic hiding or showing of questions, information, pages, images, etc.

Upload Files
Collect PDFs, Word documents, photos and more, with the click of a button and submitted.

Virus Scans
Uploaded documents are scanned for viruses and malicious content.

Save and Return Later
Forms can be partially filled, saved and completed later.

Search Forms
Locate data quickly using custom search forms with search fields selected by the form designer.

Get insight about form performance by searching and downloading of data as CSV files. Searches and views can be created by non-technical users. Integrates with Google Analytics.

Single Sign On
Authenticated users can be seamlessly logged into the system. SSO is supported by SAML2 amongst other protocols.

Theme editor
Control the look and feel of your forms by adding bespoke CSS using the PretaForm through the web theme editor.

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