PretaForm empowers your business with a rapid delivery low code solution that is ideal for smart eforms, automated workflow, data management and custom apps. PretaForm is a low code product with eforms for enterprise. Much of the solution can be delivered using the drag and drop UI but the backend integrations and creation of new macros (re-useable components) are built using our through the web coding environment. This makes the solution more flexible than no code solutions.

The visual workflow editor enables rapid application delivery via a drag and drop interface while developers can take advantage of the low-code environment to build re-usable components tailored to your business.

What do you get in Enterprise Editions?

GDPR compliance features


Keep your data 100% safe with a highly secure infrastructure designed in compliance with the EU’s GDPR. It’s global best practice for data protection.


Custom Cloud Infrastructure

Save time, space, and hassle by moving your data to a secure cloud infrastructure tailored to your business needs.

Lox code platform

Flexible Low Code Platform

Much of the solution can be delivered using the drag and drop UI, while developers can use the low code environment to create new macros (re-useable components) for your business.

Data server

Customised Databases

Every business is different. Use Pretaform to manage your data the way you like by designing custom databases that work for your business.

Benefits of Enterprise Solution

business process

Customised Solutions for Your Enterprise

Find custom enterprise solutions designed to meet your specific security and compliance requirements.

customer help

Dedicated Account Support

A dedicated support team to help you get the max from your apps through tailored support and training for your team.

Great customer services

Service Level Agreement Manager

Set specific SLAs for every process or task to identify what’s slowing down your processes and fix the root cause.

world support

Advanced LDAP/AD

Enable user synchronisation across multiple LDAP/AD servers to authenticate your user base for seamless logins into the system.

Possible Uses of PretaForm / Industries That Can Benefit From Using PretaForm


If you are in the healthcare field, compliance, accuracy and accountability are critical to your operations. Thus, it is crucial to eliminate human error and ensure better internal controls to increase the efficiency of your processes.

With PretaForm, you can automate your eform/workflows to improve productivity, reduce risk, increase compliance and minimise overheads.

Here’s how Pretaform can transform your Healthcare business:

  • Simplify business operations with automated workflows
  • Intuitive eforms for employee requests and self-service
  • Automated forms to capture patient data and keep it safe
  • More effective internal audit controls
PretaForm HealthCare industry solutions
PretaForm Finance industry solutions


Money is the prime mover in today’s world and if you are still relying on manual processes and databases to manage your finances – you are certainly outdated. Move to PretaForm to introduce automated workflows while ensuring compliance and consistent ROI across your organisation.

Streamline your financial processes with PretaForm by automating:

  • Capital expenditure requests
  • Vendor approval requests
  • Purchase requests
  • Investment Authorizations
  • Payables/Receivables
  • And more!


As a manufacturing business, you must stay ahead of the competition through constant innovation while keeping your costs low. PretaForm can help you achieve this goal by enabling better workflow management and eliminating chaos through automation, and eforms. Use PretaForm to:

  • Shorten purchasing and budgeting cycle times
  • Standardise quality control procedures
  • Streamline the document approval process
  • Shorten the supply chain
PretaForm Manufacturing industry solutions
PretaForm Construction industry solutions


Construction companies must deal with complex approvals and countless vendors - leading to a lot of chaos and waste. To improve their efficiency, these companies require agile workflows that are customisable and reliable.

With PretaForm, construction companies can build custom databases, eForms and automate their processes to eliminate wasteful steps. For example, with PretaForm, you can:

  • Improve your work-order workflow
  • Create a streamlined process for employee requests
  • Automate the vendor approval process
  • Capture, analyse and document accidents on an active job site in a compliant manner
  • Integrate an automated quality management system


In the pharma industry, compliance and accuracy are critical. With automated workflows & eforms, you can introduce better internal controls in your pharma business while ensuring complete data visibility for all the stakeholders.

PretaForm can help you gain the competitive edge by simplifying workflow automation across divisions, by enabling you to:

  • Develop an automated information request system
  • Improve internal audits
  • Monitor interactions with various stakeholders and healthcare providers
  • Reduce the cost of operations
PretaForm Pharma solutions
PretaForm education solutions


Educational institutes of any size must go through piles of paperwork on a daily basis. However, by automating workflows around aspects such as approvals, vendor management, hiring and expenditure, it is possible for schools to lessen their burden and focus more on the quality of education.

PretaForm offers a cost-effective automation solution to schools that can be used to:

  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Track and summarise various requests
  • Standardise staff hiring and onboarding
  • Improve the flow of documentation
  • Limit or eliminate paper-based processes

PretaForm offers customised solutions & eforms for enterprise businesses across industries. Say goodbye to mundane and repetitive tasks and embrace productivity with PretaForm. Get in touch to know more.

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