A PretaForm centralised and secure online database replaced multiple, disparate customer lists across regional offices.

The collection of data on customers that subscribe to this media company’s publications is one key to increasing revenue. Marketers can search on certain categories such as income, age or events they attended. This information is used to sell targeted advertising space.

A number of problems were faced including data security concerns. Sensitive data was entered into local spreadsheets or CRMs that staff could download. GDPR compliance was a major consideration as some records were about EU nationals. In addition a lack of a centralised access point to manage and view the data made it difficult for managers to gain visibility of the amount data collected after a campaign or event.

Benefits of a centralised database

With a centralised model, the core database serves the entire company. Authorised users can access and share information. This is especially useful for large businesses that need data and analytics to cross geographic boundaries. A centralised approach supports strategies delivering the most potential impact. Efficiency increases as specific problems can be solved centrally. Silos begin to disappear and collaboration increases.

Modern desktop showing online application form


Once a PretaForm centralised and secure online database was developed, existing data from across the regions was uploaded. Subsequently data collection consistency was achieved with a standard company eform built to gather new customer data. Enterprise search allows customer information to be called up easily on a dashboard which also allows for reporting. Subsequently, performance monitoring was possible, as transparency now shows the volume and source of who was collecting data. Certainly, data protection was significantly enhanced with Pretaform as a GDPR compliant processor.

Collection of customer information at events used to be a manual affair. PretaForm is responsive out of the box, so is optimised for tablets or mobiles. Now tablets are taken to remote event sites and data is tapped directly into the database. As a result, accuracy and security is enhanced. No more paper and clipboards!

Future plans include integration with their CRM. With PretaForm’s open APIs that streamlining feature will be quick and cost effective.

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