As a businessperson who has hired many employees, you expect to see great results from the resources you have invested in. However, when you are still using manual routines, your business processes are usually repetitive and boring for staff. This causes your employees to run round in circles when trying to pull off even the simplest tasks. According to statistics, companies lose up to 30 percent of revenue yearly due to inefficiencies that arise from manually assigning tasks, oral miscommunication, handling process, and tedious paperwork.

In order to avoid further inefficiencies, you can resolve to make changes that will ensure your business processes are well-organised. And this is where workflow automation will prove to be a great investment. In this article, we will look at how workflow automation will improve your workplace flexibility.

Reduces Operational Inefficiency
One of the biggest benefits of automation in the workplace is the ability to reduce operational inefficiency. A good example of this is when you want to send welcome emails to your new subscribed users. Instead of having to send an email every time you get a new subscriber, you can simply create a workflow that will trigger an email whenever a new user subscribes. Since this is automated, valuable resources can be assigned to higher value tasks.

Improves Communication
Another major benefit of workflow automation is its ability to streamline a company’s internal communications. Imagine not having to go through loads of emails in your mailbox trying to find relevant work-related ones. When everyone uses workflow automation software, managers are able to carry out business operations without having to depend on oral conversations and paperwork. Relevant information concerning a work request can be directly sent to the employees using automated workflow, who will in turn be notified directly.

Frees up time for innovation
In order for you to remain competitive in today’s business world, your brand should always remain innovative in your industry. However, this cannot be achieved when your workers spend loads of their time doing manual tasks that are repeatable. They will definitely lack ample time needed for them to brainstorm, be creative, and drive innovation. Although automating your work processes won’t make them more creative, it will free up enough time for them to experiment.

Improves workplace visibility
Work process automation can help increase visibility by making it easier for various organisation teams to access the same information concurrently. When all the information about a certain project is automatically consolidated in a central place, it becomes easier for anyone involved in the project to reference anything. This will, in turn, enhance efficiency and collaboration among the teams thus enabling completion of projects much faster.

Quality control
Workflow automation can also help you identify revenue generating processes in your business and maintain it. After you have identified the formula that works for your company, all you have to do is develop a system that will support it. By automating that system it means you will get only the best results from it. For example this may result in easily retaining your existing clients while also acquiring new ones.

Fewer Risks
Some of the departments that are at a greater risk of wasting resources the most due to human error is the Finance, HR, and the Sales & Marketing departments. A single error in the Sales department can easily lead to a loss in a potential customer while one in the Human Resources department can easily lead to legal compliance issues. When you make fewer errors in your workflow operations, it also means there will be less risks to the business.

Reduces loss of revenue
A workflow automation system identifies, documents, automates and streamlines your work process right from the stage of assigning tasks all the way to its completion. It also eliminates redundancies throughout the work process thus reducing the time taken to complete the tasks. Through cutting down on human errors and redundancies, companies are able to save the revenue that would have been used on hiring unnecessary employees.

Automating your workflow is so important that it is nearly becoming a requirement for successfully increasing efficiency in businesses. When you embrace workflow automation, you can expect to experience up to six times more growth in revenues compared to those other companies. This is definitely a huge gain for just implementing a workflow automation system. This is enough reason for you to implemented workflow automation technologies and start getting the business gains you’re targeting.

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