How we started

PretaForm’s co-founders Virginia and Dylan started PretaForm to address the growing shortage of software developers. Some of their government clients they serviced in their consultancy company wanted to move 100s of paper based forms online. However doing this required coding the eforms one by one.

There was just not enough software developers to churn out the eforms. With traditional hard coding it was estimated it would take hundreds of years to complete the project at a huge cost!

PretaForm was spawned to try and increase the speed of delivering eforms for our clients. This was done with developing a low code platform. The result is non-technical people can build the forms using a drag and drop UI. So clients can do it faster or we can do it faster for our clients. This releases valuable expensive developers to solve interesting coding problems, the work they like to do.

Today, PretaForm empowers organisation of any scale to implement high volumes of smart eForms for seamless data capture with workflow to automate repetitive or manual processes. Without the need for lengthy coding or technical knowledge or exorbitant costs.

What’s PretaForm used for?

Low Code Solution For Efficient eForm/Workflow Automation
Use our low code solution to build easily deployable public eForms to replace your manual, paper-based processes with an online, paperless workflow system. PretaForm is ideal to create intelligent workflow applications for data capture, approvals, and business logic without any technical knowledge.

Low Code Solution - About us
Low Code Solution
Secure Data-Management Solution
Secure Data-Management Solution

100% Secure Data-Management Solution
At PretaForm, we have worked with public sector organizations for over a decade, managing their data securely and efficiently, in compliance with all the laid-down government regulations. Our low code platform is designed to offer data solutions that are in compliance with the UK GDS design and accessibility principles and Australian DTO digital service standards.
In short, the security of your data is our prime concern and we ensure your databases are 100% secure and compliant. We’ll migrate your data from multiple sources to create a highly functional secure database on the PretaForm low code platform. We’ll enable enterprise-level solutions without any fuss.

Easy to Use Online Database Platform
PretaForm offers an easy to use, flexible tool to businesses for designing and implementing public eForms. A simple drag and drop UI makes it exceptionally simple to build and amend eForms visually in the editor – transforming a simple submission into an end-to-end digital service.

Easy to Use Online Database Platform
Easy to Use Online Database Platform

Data Security

With our experience of working with public sector organisations for over a decade, we have extensive experience in complying with government data protection standards and regulations. Your data is safe with us.

PretaForm low code Power Features

Power Features

Many eform builders are no code which is great for simple forms. But for complex business processes PretaForm can deliver your complicated end to end solution. Contact us with your difficult requirements and we’ll prove it.

PretaForm Rapid Development tool

Rapid Development Tools

To accelerate the process further PretaForm was enhanced with pre-built macros that allow complex form functionality like field calculations to be setup with a point and click process. Features that in the past needed to be hand coded. This makes churning out dozens of forms even faster and cheaper!

Customer Satisfaction

We’ve been in business for over 10 years and our customers stay loyal to us because of great service and technology.

PretaForm customers
PretaForm customers


Comprehensive Support

We offer various levels of support based on your needs. Rest assured you’ll get the help when you need it. Besides, we offer 24/7 priority support for your critical services.